•  I am an Adrenaline junkie. I’ve gone skydiving. I’ve rafted the class 5 rapids. I’ve done the polar bear plunge. I’ve gone gliding.  I swam (unintentionally) with sharks. And…someday I plan to learn how to wrestle alligators!
  • I love to cook creatively and I eat with my fingers every chance I get – I wish it would be acceptable in public!
  • I love to play
  • I don’t like winter so I try to find the playful opportunities it brings like making snow angels, building snow people, getting in snowball fights, going sledding, watching Christmas Specials, and baking. Did I mention I love to play?
  • Spring and summer are my favorite seasons.  Just like the trees and flowers are renewing, I renew and blossom during these seasons as well.
  • I love to be out in nature!
  •  My favorite childhood book is
    The Giving Tree
  • I love music – it makes me dance
    and sing like a Diva!
  • I love spending time with my mom –
    she is the queen Diva and we have a blast together!
  • I value my family relationships near and far, and appreciate the love that is shared between us.
  • I love to write and I keep many journals. 1) a gratitude journal 2) a spiritual journal 3) a judgment journal, and 4) a regular daily events journal. You might be asking, “what’s a judgment journal”? More to come on that later.  It’s one of the Diva’s “power tools”.
  • Every evening before I go to bed I think of three things that happened to me that day that I’m grateful for.
  • Every morning before I begin my workday, I think of the 3 best things that have happened to me so far that day.  It energizes me!


Being A Unique Diva

  • I believe that every girl has a Diva living inside of her!
  • I believe that everyone is brilliant and has a gift to bring to the table.
  • I believe that we have the power to choose how we “show up” in any given situation.
  • I believe in respect for all people and all things and that respect always begins with yourself.
  •  Even though I secretly like to eat with my fingers, I’m a big believer in manners. It goes a long way!
  • I believe that everyone has a story and the positive power each of us has to create and change our story going forward.
  • I believe in responding to situations rather than reacting to them. It makes me a part of the solution.
  • I believe that beauty and success is unique to every individual and can only be defined by you.
  • I believe in the power of positive thinking, and the power that comes from consciously making positive choices that honor “who” you are at the core and your values. By the way – you, at your core are Divamazing!
  • I believe that dreams can and really do come true as long as you are willing to act on them.

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