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In order to lead and thrive in today’s hustle and bustle world, we must have a thorough understanding of “who” we are, where we want to go, and most importantly how we want to “show up” in life. Andi offers fun and information packed tele-seminars that guide parents and teens on their journey to self-mastery and future success in their relationships, schools, and workplaces.

Introduction to the Seven Levels of Teen Leadership – FREE

  • This complimentary 1-hour seminar will educate you on the seven different ways we show up in different situations and create awareness within on the power you have to choose how you show up going forward.  It will also educate you on how to identify and shift the energy in others.  To make the most out of the sessions going forward, I strongly encourage participants to attend this class first. Its FREE!

The Five Big Blocks – Who Invited GAIL?

  • This session addresses the four big blocks to moving forward and creating opportunity and success.  In this session, you will learn:
  • What a Gremlin is and how it affects who you are now and your ability to achieve what you want
  • How to name your gremlin and send it away thoughtfully
  • How to recognize and manage assumptions – when you make them and when others make them about you.
  • How to improve your listening skills and drop the interpretations
  • How to rid yourself from the beliefs that are limiting you

Problem Solving Skills:

  • This session takes a look at problems and helps you identify opportunities and solutions.  You will learn:
  • How you currently perceive problems
  • How to better manage problems
  • How to manage conflict and change
  • How to strategically approach problems and change

Time Management:

  • There are two things that are constant in life – time and change. With only so many hours in a day there are times when it feels nearly impossible to accomplish everything on the list and meet deadlines. This session will help you to reduce the stress in the race against time and you will learn:
  • How to shift your perception of time management to your advantage
  • How to set goals, strategies, and tactics to manage your time better
  • How to manage your time in a way that will allow you to reach your goals successfully.
  • How to create more balance in your life, even with all of those items on your list.

Health and Well-Being for the Teen Diva

  • Health and well-being are directly in-line with success and achievement.  When our bodies are healthy, our minds our healthy and we have the energy needed to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.  In this seminar you will learn:
  • How your currently define health and wellness
  • Ways in which you would like to improve your health and wellness
  • What you would like to improve in your health and wellness
  • How to make healthy choices
  • How to set healthy and reachable wellness goals
  • How to change your limiting beliefs about health and wellness
  • How to set your health and wellness priorities

Emotional Intelligence and Managing Emotions

  • Emotional intelligence is all about understanding our thoughts and feelings and connecting those thoughts and feelings with our behaviors and attitudes.  This applies not only to ourselves, but how we related to others and effectively come up with solutions to those things that challenge us. In this session you will learn:
  • How to increase your emotional intelligence and your energy level
  • How emotional intelligence relates to the seven levels of leadership
  • How to appropriately express your emotions
  • How to manage and control your emotions
  • Strategies for increasing emotional intelligence

The Power of Language

  • Do you ever wonder why some people have a way of making friends, getting jobs, and winning?  They always seem to be so happy-go-lucky and things just seem to come easier to them. The big secret is all in how you communicate, the energy behind them, and the words used.  This seminar will teach you about the power of language and how to improve your communication skills, lessen misunderstandings, and increase success in relationships, school, and work.  In this session we will explore:

Closing the Confidence and Self-Esteem Gap

  • While confidence and self-esteem are two entirely different traits; one cannot exist without the other.  In this seminar, the confidence and self-esteem gap will be explored and you will learn:
  • The difference between the two and how they are connected
  • How to increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • What lacking confidence and self-esteem really cost you
  • Strategies to address the fears behind a lack of confidence and self-esteem.


  • Decisions can be hard to make and yet every day is filled with hundreds of choices.  I’ll eat this for breakfast. I’ll wear this pair of shoes. I’ll do my homework right after school so I can hang with my friends after dinner. For some, making decisions is no big deal, but for others it can seem nearly impossible.  In this seminar you will learn:
  • Reasons decisions are difficult to make
  • How to assess the options and reduce the anxiety behind choices
  • How to make confidently make decisions that honor you and your values

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