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Divas have special gifts and strengths unique to them. They genuinely want to utilize those gifts to help other’s who are struggling. Divas helping Divas is a social forum designed to be a safe place for teenage girls to receive help from other teen Divas. For example, a teen that is struggling with Algebra can connect with another teen that is strong in the subject. Send an email to if you are interested in sharing your unique gifts to help another teen Diva. This network will be monitored and will not tolerate bullying, inappropriate language, inappropriate advice or inappropriate behavior.

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Diva's Helping Divas


“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking What’s in it for me?”

Brian Tracy


Our Mission

It is the mission of Diva Adventures to partner with and bring empowerment, wisdom, and new attitude trends into the lives of teenage girls who struggle with a variety of issues by introducing them to their inner Diva (Goddess) in fun, whimsical, empowering, thought provoking, and life changing ways.

Prepare to be “Bedivalled”!

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