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Dear Diva,

I’m new to my school and just started the 7th grade.  There’s a girl in my class who is getting picked on and teased by the mean girls in the 8th grade. They make fun of her for being smart (nerdy), they call her names (fat), and recently they started threatening her like telling her that she better be careful cause they’ll show up where she least expects it.  When she walks down the hall, they come up behind her and start jabbing her with their notebooks or pens. I really feel bad for this girl. I overheard them telling her that if she ratted them out to anyone they would hurt her. She’s afraid to use the restroom and told me she will only go to the bathroom during the one period that she knows the mean girls are in class. She’s really smart and really nice. She has helped me understand things in my science class that I didn’t get. I feel like I should stand up for her and say something, but I’m also afraid that if I do they will start threatening me too.  What should I do?


Seventh and Scared

Dear Seventh and Scared,

First let me say – BRAVO to you for your courage to write to me, for your desire to help, and for your compassion for this girl who is being bullied. You’ve got a good heart and are clearly a good friend! VERY Diva!

Bullying has become a big problem and your friend is not alone.  One out of every four kids experiences bullying. Eeks – that’s a lot!

Most bullies are insecure about who they are and are emotionally or
socially lost. The bully thinks that picking on others will make them
popular, help them get attention, and makes them powerful - even
though it’s a negative type of power that really doesn’t win friends.
When they make judgments or criticisms about other people, they
are actually criticizing the things that they don’t like about
themselves. What they don’t realize is that calling someone fat, stupid, or nerdy, doesn’t actually make them skinny, smart, or cool.

So, how can you help your friend?

  • Get an adult involved! Offer to go with her to talk to a trusted adult such as a parent, teacher, principle, or youth leader.
  • Be a supportive friend.  Think about the kind of support you would want if you were in her situation and offer that support to her.
  • Don’t sit back and watch the bullying.  By doing nothing, you become a part of the bullying and it’s like giving the bully permission to continue. Speak up in a calm but firm manner and let the bully know that what they are saying or doing is not funny, cool, or acceptable and tell them to quit. If you don’t feel safe speaking up and threats are being made; find an adult right away.
  • Most bullying happens when adults are not around. Encourage your friend to hang out in places where there are adults present.
  • Being bullied can cause a lot of insecurity. Remind your friend of the things that make her beautiful, special and unique. Be there for her and let her know that what the mean girls say about her is really about them.
  • Spend time with her and include her.  You will be making a big difference just by showing you care.

There are other ways you can become a part of putting an end to bullying. You can work with your school to start an anti-bullying movement and encourage other kids to get involved. There is power in numbers. Speaking up when someone is being bullied won’t be so scary when there are others willing to speak up with you. If you would like support in starting a program, please email me at


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Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside
of you that is greater than any obstacle.

Christian D. Larson

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